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"My Green House" Have a brake here from the bustle hustle city? "We love all & Serve all"

Small groups of two or three

1on1 Spanish classes

«My Green House» Our lodging

spanish by google classroom

Our team

«We love all and serve all»

Susana Correa


Responsible for organizing students’ schedules, the weekly activities, as well as organizing and preparing the educational material for the students. She is always around.

Elisabeth Supepi


 She has worked as a Spanish teacher for years and it has been one of the best experiences for her. She loves teaching Spanish to people from other countries. 

Hector Quino


He has many years’ experience working as a founder of  1on1spanishaimara & My Green House, wonderful decision-maker in times of difficulties. 

«All staff is with SPUTNIK V»

Courses & Prices

Individual courses specialized

Individual lesson 10 USD (70 Bs) per hour. Discount only if you take more than 20 hours, that is 9USD (63 bs ).  Individual lessons are always the first choice for an affordable price.

Group courses

Group classes costs 9 USD (63 Bs) per hour and per person. A group is minimum of two. Find out an appropriate classmate at your level might not be available.

«Prices are subject to change every month due to demand»

Speak Spanish better with us. By google classroom.Start now!. 

learn Spanish by google classroom  at your own pace. We tailor according your need and interest 

Individual lesson costs 9 USD (63 Bs) per hour. Discount only if you take more than 20 hours, that is 8 USD (56 bs ). We  specialized in individual lessons.

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1on1 Spanish language courses that you can take to learn Spanish by zoom at your own pace. Whether you are learning Spanish to study, work abroad, or want an entrance to the foreign language, introductory Spanish courses and online Spanish classes will help you get started. The learn Spanish courses are for people who seek a general understanding of common words and phrases as well as grammar and conversation

Accomodation provided

For students who wish to have a bit more privacy and comfort it is possible to stay for a period of time with our Green House guest house which is in the same school. Students reside in comfortable single or double bedroom & dormitory

Customers reviews

Anna Barenberge

Gracias for your good teaching. I really enjoyed every minute. We had lots of fun and learned even more. But not only Spanish but tradition


Klaus Semermen

I had a little basic of the Spanish language when I entered this school and during the three weeks I attended classes I learned a lot.


Masha Poulkern

I dont usually write these things but I feel compelled to give another five star review after having a great experience here.


Roland Froybell

I feel much more confident when shopping, eating out and checking into accomodation. I feel inspired to learn more.


Volunteer service

One can be a volunteer of many forms and in the most diverse fields of action – You can read  stories to children -You can teach how to read, to play guitar, to play soccer, to surf on the web, elderly and adult etc. We do not intend to list all the possibilities are infinities, they depend on your creativity

To feed street dogs (My own new proyect)

«Love is a four legged word»

  1. Identify the dogs lack of nutrition
  2. Arrange for some food. like tommy tongue and soup.

«Dog is such a small word for somethig that takes up such big space in your heart». 

Free city market tour & salsa dance

Free pastry classes

Museum visits, concerts, excursions, meetings, meditation, salsa dances, cooking in groups etc. depending on the current cultural program of  1on1learningspanish and on the wishes of the participants.

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Baked Bolivian CUÑAPE. Little cheesy gems are made with starch and lots of cheese. The crust is firm and the center chewy  delicacy for any afternoon tea.

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